What were we thinking?

What was anyone thinking when they signed up for the life of a Youth Hockey parent? You haven’t had a weekend off in 4 years. Now it’s 5 am and you’re spilling bad coffee on yourself as you drive a to a walk-in freezer the size of an airplane hangar. You’re lost in a corner of the world that doesn’t exist on your GPS. The sailors in the back seat are about to mutiny. The speed limit is unknown. What is known is that if you don’t deliver this hockey player on time, then there is no game. And THAT would dishonor the family for generations. But, hey, it’s only a game. Right?

Only the greatest game there is.

I guess we at GameBeast were just born to tinker. Because we looked at this situation and said, “Yo,” (we’re from Philly) “this is crazy. We gotta make this whole thing easier.” And so it began. We started by creating GameBeast.com, a national sports listing website that makes it easy to make and maintain event listings that are important to the Youth Hockey community. On the flip-side, It’s also easy for the Youth Hockey community to search for and find your listings.  We then took a deep dive into re-imagining club management software and created GameBeast Club Management Software. Our Club Management software is really easy to use and really makes club management easier and more efficient. Why stop there? We now offer GameBeast Easy Team Websites. These are websites that look great, have all the functionality you need and are really easy to use. We can even help you with domains, hosting, SSL certificates and all of the other internet doohickeys you need at GameBeast Web Tools.

The only thing we haven’t improved in Youth Hockey is the smell of the equipment on the ride home. Until we do, put your windows down.

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