If you delete your GameBeast account, you will no longer be able to sign into any GameBeast club agreements, teams, or events in the future, and your account and invoicing information will be removed permanently.

Using the mobile app to submit a request to delete an account

Using the iOS or Android version of the GameBeast app, you can send a request to have your account deleted. Using this approach to ask to have your account deleted is strongly suggested.

    1. Launch the GameBeast app and sign in.
    2. Tap the ... More menu icon.
    3. Tap My Account.
    4. Tap Delete Account.
    5. To permanently delete your account, read the warnings and then select Continue.
    6. Tap Yes if you would like to delete your account or No I do not want to delete my account at this time.
    7. If Yes, type your password into the box, then click the button labelled "Confirm Account Deletion."
    8. After requesting to have your account deleted, you will receive a confirmation email.
    9. You will not be able to access app after this. Please delete the application from your phone.

Send an email to support@gamebeast.com if you are unable to access your account or need assistance with account deletion.