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NEW GameBeast Club Management Software!

Introducing GameBeast Ice Hockey Club Management Software.

This is Club management software made by hockey people for hockey people.

Just when you thought “Carrying around a box full of player registration forms in the trunk of my car is getting old.” GameBeast made team management fun again. We are currently Looking for Clubs and teams willing to Beta test this software with us — for free. You could also structure your pricing so that GameBeast Club Management software is a fund raiser for you. Ask us how!

Contact Cindi Rooney, 610-996-0841, to see if we would be a good fit and learn more.


  • Online registration with a link built into your website
  • Gathers and organizes all information, parent and player contact info, birth dates, positions etc.
  • Breaks down all registered players by Division (age group)
    • Gives you total # of players for team planning
    • Allows you to easily place players on teams after evaluations
  • Pre-Registration available for clubs that need to see early #’s for team and ice slot planning

Digital Documents Saved and Available

  • Players and parents fill in all necessary forms digitally (medical, fee agreements etc.)
  • We can develop forms specific to your club or league!
  • USAH hockey #’s filled in during registration with link to USA Hockey Website


  • All online billing via credit cards or e-checks (no more chasing down payments)
  • Parents or players pay at completion of online registration
    • Option of paying by installments through “Team Page” of parent or player.
  • Can instantly message all players or parents of upcoming payments or past due amounts
  • Keeps track of who has paid what and who owes what

Jersey #’s

  • We allow players to pick their own jersey #’s based on what #’s are available
  • Club can set rules such as no same jersey #’s on same team or within same divisions or with a set # of years and we keep track of it!
  • Existing players get to simply keep their existing #’s

Calendar’s and Scheduling

  • Easily add in your Ice Slots for each season
  • Assign slots for practice schedules in an easy chart
  • Set up your league games for each team
  • Set up or even assign ice slots to each team for scrimmages
  • Create events or blackout dates with one button
  • And all this filters down to each team with their own calendar!   No more double entry mistakes.


  • Keep track of everyone in your club, parents, players and staff
  • Club can email anyone or groups (like all managers) with a simple click

Create your own Divisions and Teams based on your needs

  • Year to year teams and even divisions can change. Easily update these based on your needs with the ability to transfer previous seasons divisions to current seasons.

Reports and Documents

  • Easy access to all those digital docs for each player from medical forms to fee agreements.
  • Create specialized reports for your club
    • Generate a report to quickly transfer all your players and coach’s info directly into USA Hockey’s website for your official roster.
    • Generate reports for # of players.
    • Create specialty reports to transfer players into your clubs League’s software system and more!

Run multiple seasons at once

  • You can set up a winter, spring, summer and fall season all at once and easily switch between them, all of them with their own registration, billing and everything else.

Team pages

  • Automatically give parents, players and coaches their own team page
  • Includes a calendar/schedule with everything that has been input by the club
  • Includes a roster page, player availability chart, messaging for everyone on that team
  • Includes the teams usa hockey official roster for coaches. Also has all the digital forms needed for that team (like player medical forms)

Create your own website

  • We can create a simple website for your club. No more stressing about a webmaster!


  • 2% introduction fee – Cost is 2% of the Tuition of each player.
    • This amount is passed on to the player and paid at registration
    • Typically, $20 – $40 per player. Parents and Players get a Team page with useful benefits such as team schedule, messaging, availability and more.

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