• John Danby, Club President
    We're using GameBeast and it’s been great. I have free time, for the first time, in years. Spending my days off golfing is better than spending them chasing checks and forms.
    John Danby, Club President
    East Coast Thunder
  •  John Graves, Club President
    GameBeast has lived up to their promises. They provide excellent and responsive customer service. We love the on line documents for our families, and the automatic bill pay for our players has been great in helping keep all payments coming in on due dates. It has taken a lot of stress off our Treasurer
    John Graves, Club President
    Philadelphia Jr Flyers/Team Philadelphia
  • Jen Vieira, Treasurer
    As the Treasurer of the Haverford Hawks Hockey Club, I've been a user of GameBeast for the past three years. GameBeast has made my job as the Treasurer 100% easier. Before GameBeast our process of collecting tuition payments and creating reports was manual. It has saved me countless hours of inputting information into an excel spreadsheet, going to the bank to deposit checks, following up with parents on a monthly basis, etc. Parents make the tuition payments through GameBeast and I can run a report quickly to see who has paid and who owes. I can also send an email to parents for tuition payment reminders from the Billing page in GameBeast. Overall GameBeast has improved how our club is able to collect tuition, review player and parent information and run financial reports. I'm a happy user of GameBeast.
    Jen Vieira, Treasurer
    Haverford Hawks Ice Hockey Club
  • Jen Vieira, Parent
    As a parent of two hockey players with the Haverford Hawks Hockey Club, I use GameBeast on a regular basis. I am able to access GameBeast on my computer and through the app on my phone. It's easy to set up the tuition payments and I like the autopay feature so you don't have to remember to make a manual payment each month. I also like how I can register my two kids each year through GameBeast and all the documents needed are online. The app is easy to use and I can review the team roster, the practice and game schedule, the availability for each event, etc. There is also a chat feature that makes it easy to communicate with the other parents.
    Jen Vieira, Parent
    Haverford Hawks Ice Hockey Club