GameBeast Club Admin Software comes complete with all of the features you need:

  • 5 Minute Easy Registration
  • Online Player, Staff and Coach Documentation
  • Online Billing, Payments, Accounting
  • Jersey Numbers Solved
  • Scheduling, Calendars, Availability
  • Emailing, Messaging, Chat
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Run Multiple Seasons
  • EZ Websites

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Player Registration - Complete in 5 minutes

GameBeast Club Admin Software registration enables people to complete their forms, documents and deposits fast. Ready-made Digital Documents. Registration can be by grade or age depending on your needs. Registration can be set for intramural sports by allowing registrants to sign up directly for a particular team. Register single or multiple players for different teams, camps, clinics or tournaments offered by your club
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Digital Documentation

GameBeast Club Admin Software is a cloud based application, so, all of your player, staff and coaching documentation is available online anytime and anyplace. So you don’t need to lug it around. And in the event of an emergency, you don’t need to struggle to find what you need. Where ever you are, you are only a couple of clicks away from all of your team’s medical forms, permissions and behavior agreements.
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Online Billing Tools - All in one place

Define your online billing schedule, take manual payments, See account histories at-a-glance and send notifications all without leaving the billing tab on your dashboard. Search accounts by name, filter by past due, filter by coming due. Download or print financial reports. Send collections notices without leaving this screen
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Team Roster Management - All in one place

See the status of a player at-a-glance. Do they owe money? Do they need to produce a document? Access their documentation and contact info. Assign them to a team, change their team assignment or release them to play for another club. All of this happens in one tab on GameBeast Club Admin Software.
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Team Calendar - Simple cloud based scheduling

Easy for managers and coaches to add/edit and delete events. Manage ALL of your teams’ many events in one place. Filter your view by event type and team.
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Team Availability - Know your roster in advance

Parents/players input their availability for each event that you’ve created, so that you can see if there’s a problem before the 11th hour.
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Multi-Season Management - Manage everything from one dashboard

You probably have a few clubs. Inside of each club you probably have a few teams. Each team probably has several divisions and levels. That can be a management challenge. Not with GameBeast Club Admin Software. Our administration tools allows you to manage all of your clubs and teams in one place. Plus the set up of each club and team can be completely unique. In fact, they don’t even need to be the same sport. You can manage your whole sports entertainment complex through GameBeast.
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Jersey Numbers - Solved

Some of you don’t have this problem. Count your blessings and turn the page. But, If you work in a big facility with a lot of clubs, teams and players. You know that jersey numbers can become a HUGE problem. Problem no more. Players pick their own jersey #s from their team dropdown menu of available #’s. The software only allows available numbers to be chosen. No more duplicate #’s or maddening excel sheets! “Register early to get the number you want
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Group Communications - Great email and messaging tools

You probably have a few clubs. Inside of each club you probably have a few teams. Each team probably has several divisions and levels. That’s a communications challenge. Not with GameBeast. Our group messaging system allows you to easily select the recipients for your email by role and by team. You can even select players who haven’t been assigned to a team. After selecting the recipients, compose your message on a fully featured text editor that supports, html, linking, file upload and images of all types.
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Extensive Reporting - Reports that make your job easier

GameBeast comes preloaded with standard reporting templates. These templates are all that most organizations need. If you need an additional template, let us know. Below are six of our preloaded templates that we know you will appreciate. 1). Custom Questions Report, 2). Evaluation Report, 3). Registered Players Report, 4). Next Year’s Projected Players List, 5). Transactions Table, 6). USAH Rosters Report
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Manage Your Staff - Communications, Scheduling and Documentation

Easily register your staff, coaches, managers and other volunteers. This way they can be managed in the same way as your players. You can assign them to teams and loop them into the group calendars, schedules and messages. Very soon you will be able to track their documentation and and league compliance.
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EZ Websites - Simple

Sports team websites can be complicated. Especially when there’s a software component mixed in. It can get really difficult to figure out. GameBeast is different. Our software is a stand-alone web application. So your website can be EZ. GameBeast EZ Websites are built using the Wordpress platform. Pay a one-time fee for your website and you own it. We help you with the basic setup. We can also help with other web services like hosting, security and domains.
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